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Meet the Team

Tani Long.png


Founder of TP&F Consultants, Tani Long is a Salesforce pioneer since the early 2000s, holding 11 certifications. She excels as an educator, mentor, consultant, and volunteers her expertise with non-profits.

Shelly Harbin Harris.png


A Trailhead Ranger with 13 years in the Salesforce ecosystem, Shelly delivers workshops, develops Salesforce curriculum, and consults on user adoption, while also supporting non-profits and contributing to her local Seattle community.


A seasoned Salesforce professional with nearly 20 years of experience, Laura has served as a Salesforce customer, employee, implementation consultant, and Trailhead senior instructor, holding multiple certifications and having been one of the "First 500" certified administrators worldwide.

Laura Blair.png


A Trailhead Ranger with over a decade of Salesforce experience across various clouds, Sara leverages her bilingual skills to deliver Trailhead Academy classes and has been consulting in both user adoption and administration since 2017.

Sara Levine.png
Tammy Taylor.png


A certified Salesforce instructor with over 15 years of experience, Tammy excels in managing and implementing Salesforce systems across multiple industries and has a proven track record in leading effective training sessions and webinars.

Tracy Johnston.png


 A seasoned Salesforce expert with over 20 years in the ecosystem and one of the "First 500" certified administrators worldwide, Tracy transitioned from corporate system administrator to certified instructor and consultant in 2016.


A former English teacher and now a Salesforce expert with 24 certifications, Vicki specializes in cross-cloud solutions and enhances user adoption and investment value.

Vicki Moritz-Henry.png


John Pearson, Managing Director of Caliburn Corporation, leverages over thirty years of training expertise in technologies like Salesforce and Microsoft, serving a broad client base in the Canadian IT industry, and holds a high THA evaluation average.

John Pearson.png
Marie-Eve Germain-Tardieu.png


A bilingual French-Canadian and former military healthcare specialist, Marie-Eve  transitioned to a technology career through the Merivis Foundation, becoming a certified Salesforce Administrator and instructor, and is dedicated to aiding customers in maximizing their Salesforce implementations.

Amy Harris.png


Based in the Pacific Northwest, Amy is a Salesforce consultant and certified instructor leveraging her extensive background to enhance business operations and train professionals through strategic solutions and efficient processes.

TP&F Consultants Donations

TP&F puts our money where our mouth is. Simply working together isn’t enough for our leadership so we have committed to an annual $500 donation on behalf of each team member to a non-profit of their choice. In addition to donating, the entire team is able to hear about the organization and why they are important to our team members.

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